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Birthdate:Sep 23
Location:Blackpool, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
I suck at these. Hm.

A long time ago, back when dinosaurs walked the earth, and the world was in black and white...

...wait, I'm not that old.

Who cares anyway? I seem to have been stuck in a mid-life crisis since my teens.

At the moment I'd say my luck ran out, for I've been in the 1% (by income), and also in the bottom 1%. But 1% is actually a frighteningly low bar. To those who say money doesn't buy you happiness I call bullshit - in itself no, but if you're anywhere in the bottom 25%, of course it bloody does. Whoever coined that expression clearly had "enough".

Wait. This is meant to be about me, not just another rant, right?

Well in my journal you will find many rants - don't want you thinking it's a warm fluffy place with many kittens, or to be advertising falsely, now do I?

So, me, um, right.

Decisive, suave, sophisticated. (No, actually I'm not buying it either.)

Ok, I think I'm fairly typical, but here, have a few random factoids:

* I have little time for traditional politics, although many political opinions - learnt from life lessons
* Goes a long way out of my way for my friends - I'm very good in a crisis - unless the crisis is my own. Damn
* Little to no tolerance for fools or the arrogant
* Believes humanity is a uniquely destructive species
* Optimists are happier, Pessimists are generally proved right. Which would you rather be? Clearly I'm doing it wrong
* Common sense is so rare as to almost not exist
* I far prefer blunt honesty to diplomacy. If I'm being a moron, just bloody say so.

I have, my whole life, had ADHD tendencies, and the weirdest sleep patterns known to man, combined with sleep resembling a coma - I can sleep through anything.
I lost my first two jobs for timekeeping, despite having 5 alarm clocks by the end of the 2nd one of which was more air raid siren than alarm.
I've mostly figured out ways to manage, but I'm, at heart, not designed for 9-5

If you're going to take offence if I agree to help out, but only remember 3 months later (my intentions are honourable), or expect me to keep sane or regular hours, or update regularly, you're probably in the wrong place :)

...alternatively, add me, and come read the warm, fluffy, kitteny writings impersonations of Victor Meldrew (A normal man in a world full of idiots), in a place where the kittens are merely the packed lunch for the dog :)


Despite appearances, I have nothing against kittens

Interests (150):

1920s, 1950s, 19th century, 50s pinups, aerobatics, anthropology, antiques, archaeology, art, arthur conan doyle, asian food, aviation, bdsm, bettie page, betty page, bike rallies, biking, biplanes, black, black and white photography, black hair, black sabbath, blue oyster cult, bondage, books, boots, british comedy, bsd, burlesque, candles, chimaeras, chinese food, classical music, coffee, corsets, delain, design, dita von teese, dogs, douglas adams, ducatis, elitism, epica, erotica, evanescence, fetish, fine art, fishnet, fishnet stockings, fishnets, flying, friends, fuck me boots, girls, glamour, goth, gothic, gothic architecture, goths, graphic design, halloween, hand cuffs, handcuffs, hats, heavy metal, heels, high heels, history, honesty, horror films, horror movies, indian food, intelligence, intelligent conversation, jilly's, lacuna coil, latex, leather, led zeppelin, liquid latex, long dark hair, long hair., lotus, lynryd skynryd, malaysia, manchester, metal, metallica, michael marshall smith, monty python, motorbikes, motorcycles, music, newcastle brown ale, nightwish, organic food, patti smith, photography, photos, piercings, pin-up girls, pink floyd, power metal, procrastination, programming, radio, radio 4, rallies, rammstein, real fires, red hair, red lipstick, red wine, rocky horror picture show, rollercoasters, rubber, science fiction, seamed stockings, sex, shoes, sirenia, steampunk, stiletto boots, stilettos, stockings, taildraggers, tattoo, tattoos, tea, terry gilliam, thai food, tim burton, trivial pursuit, turntables, tvr, tvrs, uk, unix, v8, victorian, victorian era, victoriana, vincent price, vintage, vintage aircraft, vinyl, web design, within temptation, women, xandria
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