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Nope it isn't the missing job offers flooding in.

Oh that's 2^32 - 1.

How not suspicious at all. Been a known bug since v3. Unfixed in TB 9.0.1 :D

Also randomly discovered that TB now automatically includes any and ALL plugins (not addons) that you have installed in Firefox. Disabling them all dramatically speeds up the thing. Though it does rather beg the question why the hell are they including them in the first place - none are relevant for an email client.
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So after yet another year best forgotten, I had a nice finish to the year...

1) [personal profile] fenjer sent Xmas in a Tesco delivery van - well Xmas pud, alcohol and a few other carefully chosen bits. 'Twas touching!

2) [identity profile] dragged me over for New Year - beer was consumed, I slept (sheesh). Also had some random photo me in the pub for the cardinal sin of looking "just like my boss" - poor boss!

3) Chap who gave me the insanely small Perl job of a few weeks ago has now given me a Java desktop app to create, being something he started but never had chance to finish ages ago.

Turns out that the framework on which it's based is no longer supported, and the "finish it off and add in UPNP" has now become write it again, properly. :D

I have no idea how long it will take, but I've a bunch of frameworks to figure out, and get sort-of competent in.

No mention of price has been made, but I am sure (from his track record), that it will be a fair rate for the size of work done (regardless that it might take me 2x as long due to much Googling).

Figure it's going to take me 3 or 4 weeks. We shall see.

Don't actually care either, as it provides a nice, achievable focus for my efforts to get sane employment once again. And as he's already a referee...

To add a more usual grumpy note, I'm happy to see Google have discontinued Desktop Search - used that all the time - even though it's been effectively orphaned and unloved for years. :(
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How I hate this time of year in my current circumstances. I am, however, reminded...

...Xmyth is not a time for the broke [1]
...or the unemployed
...or the lonely
...or the old who are reminded of their deceased partner
...or those who struggle because bad events happened around this time of year, and it's all just a reminder, but you're supposed to be "mindlessly happy" at this time. So will always be conflicted at best.

(which is a good part of the UK right now)

Even though I'm pretty agin religion, at least the religious message in which you find "season of goodwill to all men" overtly aims to point out that you're meant to be nice to people, and it's meant to be about the giving, and sparing a thought (You know, just a damn thought) or a little time for those for whom the random number generator of life just gave a "rolled 2" to.

The intense orgy of retail experience ... MOAR STUFF NAO! Well frankly, it turns my stomach - which is pretty impressive considering I view myself as selfish at heart! Then the news adds to the Christmas cheer with Fatal stabbing on Oxford Street. You have to wonder, given that was probably the busiest spot in the country today, how someone was able to be stabbed to death, at lunchtime. [2][3]

Still, the army wives had by far the best selling single (now there's a meaningless stat to collect these days - a No 1 record doesn't really exist any more), from their worthy effort to do something for the SSAFA and British Legion. What do we find? One of the wives (the soloist) who has a mum with brain damage having nearly died in a car accident very recently, is trolled and abused on the interwebz... For the heinous crime of "having tattoos". If ever a troll needed to be on the receiving end of their own methods (turned up to 11 of course)...

We made a mistake as we took on atheism I feel - for all the control and faults of organised religion, even ignoring the whole "god myth thing" - one thing religion did somehow manage to give is a framework of morals - Catholic scandals notwithstanding. In becoming a mainly atheist country, we've apparently also become amoral. If ever we threw out the baby with the bathwater... The shallow, it seems, knows no bounds.

Newsflash: These kids will be running the country in 15 years - be very afraid.

Someone has managed to restore a goodly chunk of my faith in humanity today. [personal profile] fenjer, take a bow for actually surprising me quite considerably also! Appreciate it, and love you lots hon. :)

Still, I mustn't let too much of my faith in humanity come back... Having spent a Christmas day pleasingly free of any spam at all (I forget how long since I can say that - perhaps a decade), at precisely 1 minute past midnight (GMT) into Boxing Day I got my first "SALE!!!!!" notification. [4] Throughout the course of today I've had emails from every email list I've ever been near, let alone signed up to. [5]


[1] Especially whilst their teens are meme'd posting to Twitter "No iphone, 8 months to get it. I really hate my dad fucking Cu**" and "i didn't get an iphone fuck christmas I'm seriously so pissed"

[2] Follow up stories appear to indicate he died from a disagreement over a pair trainers or iThing.

[3] Also wonders what all the tens of thousands of shoppers were doing to help or prevent whilst this kid was dying. People rarely get stabbed without some lead up.

[4] I realise for some Xmas is about the day, but for the rest, why not simply move the day of present giving back a week and mark it at New Year? This whole performing seal act of buy a ton of stuff for a given day, then find, 8 hours later it's now 20% cheaper seems, um, short sighted at best. Have the food at Xmyth, and the presents at New Year. The only ones who miss out in that transaction are those who think we don't buy enough stuff.

[5] Still the populace at large proves to be good little sheepsies by trotting off to the sales en masse today.
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I made a quick and dirty hack if you have Firefox or Chrome

You'll need the Stylish addon:


Then go here:

Minimal Thought. Minimal testing. It works for me. Let me know how you get on!

With some great suggestions from [ profile] disprove, and [ profile] woodface, I can now bring you an updated version with:

  • It now flattens the blue comment headers, without problems with collapsed comments
  • I use black for comment dates, rather than blue on blue
  • Slightly widened margins for posts and comments
  • Keeps the mystery show on hover buttons visible at all times.
  • ...and now correctly shows the "check" box on collapsed posts too
  • Kills the annoying big dark blue border around the add comment button.
  • Font sizes are adjusted.  Let me know if my font size change is worse for you - some seem to be getting different font sizes from this LJ "update", so I can't be sure what's best.

There's a few spots that are still white background (mostly oddities when someone has introduced strangeness via the rich text editor), but probably not worth the time chasing.

[ profile] soph has a fix with which you can get the preview button back in comments (but needs another browser addon).

I'd like it darker / I don't need the grey background
Ok, I updated the install at the site - you can choose what background colour you want - Default or White are best, but I added a slightly darker grey in case you want to drop contrast a little more!

Why are they doing this to us?
No clue, but in case you're not aware, this is the first change of what looks like it's going to be a comprehensive redesign of the whole site:  (In Cyrillic, but you'll get the visual effects coming your way)  A partly live demo in Russian is at: the top bar menu links seem to be mostly live.

Feel free to repost or link this.

Meanwhile, even though I've not been there very long at all, I have to say I'm finding the whole attitude over at Dreamwidth very refreshing.  No invite code needed until Dec 31 if you want a backup plan or exit strategy.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]

Nice of them to give something to rant about at the same time!  These guys really don't want customers any more, do they?

Is it worth bothering with Dreamwidth now, or should I just fully decamp to G+ ?
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After two Manchester University scientists, Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim, won the 2010 Nobel prize for physics for their graphene research, the chancellor announced in the autumn that Britain would be investing £50m in setting up a national research programme into the substance.

IBM are putting in about 2-3 billion a year.
Samsung about the same.

Our "national research programme" £50m (or probably what Samsung intend to spend on branding)

And of our companies?

ICI ?  Oh, wait, they don't exist any more
ICL?  Um.  Oh.
Plessey?  Hmm
GEC?  Them too?  really?
Ferranti?  .....
Dyson?  (the sound of straws being clutched) There, they exist, and he passionately believes in GB and research and our making things!  Hmm??  He stopped making things here as there was no supply chain left ... and now they make everything in Malaysia?  Bugger.

Even the illegal immigrants will be leaving for better (paying) climes soon.

What a fucking joke.  Yet we can INCREASE our overseas aid budget by 2.5bn a year at the bottom of a recession.

Governed by fucking Lemmings.


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