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This made me laugh A LOT

After two Manchester University scientists, Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim, won the 2010 Nobel prize for physics for their graphene research, the chancellor announced in the autumn that Britain would be investing £50m in setting up a national research programme into the substance.

IBM are putting in about 2-3 billion a year.
Samsung about the same.

Our "national research programme" £50m (or probably what Samsung intend to spend on branding)

And of our companies?

ICI ?  Oh, wait, they don't exist any more
ICL?  Um.  Oh.
Plessey?  Hmm
GEC?  Them too?  really?
Ferranti?  .....
Dyson?  (the sound of straws being clutched) There, they exist, and he passionately believes in GB and research and our making things!  Hmm??  He stopped making things here as there was no supply chain left ... and now they make everything in Malaysia?  Bugger.

Even the illegal immigrants will be leaving for better (paying) climes soon.

What a fucking joke.  Yet we can INCREASE our overseas aid budget by 2.5bn a year at the bottom of a recession.

Governed by fucking Lemmings.