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New layout giving you eye strain?

I made a quick and dirty hack if you have Firefox or Chrome

You'll need the Stylish addon:


Then go here:

Minimal Thought. Minimal testing. It works for me. Let me know how you get on!

With some great suggestions from [ profile] disprove, and [ profile] woodface, I can now bring you an updated version with:

  • It now flattens the blue comment headers, without problems with collapsed comments
  • I use black for comment dates, rather than blue on blue
  • Slightly widened margins for posts and comments
  • Keeps the mystery show on hover buttons visible at all times.
  • ...and now correctly shows the "check" box on collapsed posts too
  • Kills the annoying big dark blue border around the add comment button.
  • Font sizes are adjusted.  Let me know if my font size change is worse for you - some seem to be getting different font sizes from this LJ "update", so I can't be sure what's best.

There's a few spots that are still white background (mostly oddities when someone has introduced strangeness via the rich text editor), but probably not worth the time chasing.

[ profile] soph has a fix with which you can get the preview button back in comments (but needs another browser addon).

I'd like it darker / I don't need the grey background
Ok, I updated the install at the site - you can choose what background colour you want - Default or White are best, but I added a slightly darker grey in case you want to drop contrast a little more!

Why are they doing this to us?
No clue, but in case you're not aware, this is the first change of what looks like it's going to be a comprehensive redesign of the whole site:  (In Cyrillic, but you'll get the visual effects coming your way)  A partly live demo in Russian is at: the top bar menu links seem to be mostly live.

Feel free to repost or link this.

Meanwhile, even though I've not been there very long at all, I have to say I'm finding the whole attitude over at Dreamwidth very refreshing.  No invite code needed until Dec 31 if you want a backup plan or exit strategy.

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