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So after yet another year best forgotten, I had a nice finish to the year...

1) [personal profile] fenjer sent Xmas in a Tesco delivery van - well Xmas pud, alcohol and a few other carefully chosen bits. 'Twas touching!

2) [identity profile] dragged me over for New Year - beer was consumed, I slept (sheesh). Also had some random photo me in the pub for the cardinal sin of looking "just like my boss" - poor boss!

3) Chap who gave me the insanely small Perl job of a few weeks ago has now given me a Java desktop app to create, being something he started but never had chance to finish ages ago.

Turns out that the framework on which it's based is no longer supported, and the "finish it off and add in UPNP" has now become write it again, properly. :D

I have no idea how long it will take, but I've a bunch of frameworks to figure out, and get sort-of competent in.

No mention of price has been made, but I am sure (from his track record), that it will be a fair rate for the size of work done (regardless that it might take me 2x as long due to much Googling).

Figure it's going to take me 3 or 4 weeks. We shall see.

Don't actually care either, as it provides a nice, achievable focus for my efforts to get sane employment once again. And as he's already a referee...

To add a more usual grumpy note, I'm happy to see Google have discontinued Desktop Search - used that all the time - even though it's been effectively orphaned and unloved for years. :(
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